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  Insurance Claims

Glass Express is approved by ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES.... all you have to do is to request our service and a dispatch will be sent to us from your claims service.

You will have to contact your agent or claims department number on your insurance card to initiate your claim, be sure to "Request the Best", Auto Glass Express in McCook, NE, 308-345-4045. We are set up for all major Insurance companies and many of the smaller ones, if you are ever told we are not an approved shop DO NOT let them steer you towards someone else if you want our services. Unfortunately, "steering" occurs because the claims service may also have retail installation centers that they, of course, want you to use. "Steering" is illegal and should be reported to us if it happens to you.  DO NOT AGREE TO USE THEIR SHOP if you do not want to, demand that the dispatch be sent to Auto Glass Express in McCook, NE 308-345-4045 at fax #308-345-1812.

At Auto Glass Express we truly stand behind all of our work with a life-time warranty on leakage and workmanship. If you ever have a warranty issue we are here for you, and have been since 1991!!! Auto Glass Express is on contract pricing with a majority of the Insurance Companies and will approve pricing from any Insurance Company. In today's computer world information is not always correct for Claims Service Representatives....once again, if you are ever told that Auto Glass Express in McCook, NE 308-345-4045 is not listed or available for you to use then tell them you will have Auto Glass Express call them to get the installation approved.

Don't trust your auto glass installations to anyone else.....

"Request the Best"
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